Frequently Asked Questions - Customer Queries

After the first lesson, the tutor is subjected to your acceptance or rejection. We will contact you to garner your feedback after the end of the first lesson.

If you find the tutor to be unsuitable after the first lesson, we will change the tutor for you.

Fees will be charged based on the number of lessons taught. You do not need to fulfill certain minimum amount of lessons.

The tutor is expected to report punctually to the agreed tuition location. Upon request, tutors can be asked to present his certificates and relevant documentations to you to verify his qualifications.

We will collect the first half month’s fee as commission from you. Two weeks after the commencement of the tuition, you will receive an invoice from us. This invoice contains the assignment details and we will guide you on the mode of payment.

We provide 3 modes of payment as shown below:
1) Cheque payment
2) ATM transfer
3) Payment by Internet Banking

The tutors are not authorized to collect the commission fees on Temasek Tutors’ behalf.

You do not need to pay extra fees for Temasek Tutor’s referral services. Upon successful assignment of tutors, the agency will collect the tuition fees for the first 2 weeks from you as commission. This amount is payable 2 weeks after a successful assignment of tutor.

You can read a tutor’s qualification details on his profile page prior to assignment. Upon successful assignment of a tutor to you, you can request for the tutor to present hardcopies of his certificates and documentations to you on the first lesson.

Alternatively, if the tutor has previously uploaded soft copies of his certificates and documentations to Temasek Tutors, Temasek Tutors will send you copies of these documents prior to the first lesson upon consent of the tutor himself.

Typically the first lesson will commerce within a week.

You can request for a tutor via the following methods:
1) calling Temasek Tutors up directly with the number displayed on the front page.
2) submitting Temasek Tutor’s online request form

Upon receiving your request, we will call you within 2 working days. An arrangement will then be made on the commencement of the tuition with a suitable tutor.